Advantages of Web Based Car Rental Software

If the software is mobile compatible, user name and password can be accessed from all devices and environments.

No installation required.

Since all registration is done to the server, it does not take up space on the device.

Disadvantages of Web Based Rental Car Software

Because all data is held on the server, all access to the server shuts down, if the server database is damaged, some or all of the information may be lost.

Access is not available when there is no Internet.

In the event that your User Name and Password are compromised or broken, all data can be accessed and changed by our records.

What is our Rent a Car Program Faculties.

Software is not Web-based, so Web-based Rent a Car Program does not have risks, the information entered is kept in the server Web-based Rent a Car Program contains advantages.

Installation required on PC and Mobile

Even if someone else knows your user name and password, there is no problem without access to device information.

Because the local database is a backup of all entered information is stored on the device. In case of a nuisance on the server, there will be a backup on all devices.

The program can access the data you have entered, even if the Internet is not.

Because you have a copy of the data you have entered, data access is quick snapshot.

Locally running programs compared to web-based systems Provides more comfort for direct access to device resources.

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