The purpose of this Privacy Policy is the application (Program) named Car Rantel Software “published on the website (WebSite) and the Google Play Store at, by the users (User) To determine the terms and conditions regarding the use of information and data shared with Proplus Software (Company) during the utilization phase. The Privacy Policy is an integral and integral part of the User Agreement concluded with the User.

Content uploaded by the User to the Program is the property of the User. The Company shall not disclose or sell this content without prior consent of the User.

The Company will not disclose the contents transmitted to it via the Program in electronic format to the third parties except for the purposes and scope specified in the User Agreement with the Users. In this context, the Company shall ensure that the Content is kept strictly private and confidential, to consider it a confidentiality obligation and to ensure and maintain confidentiality, to take all or any necessary measures to prevent the unauthorized use or unauthorized use or disclosure of all or any part of the confidential information. and undertakes to show due diligence.

Personal information may be used to contact the User or to improve the User’s experience in the Program (maintenance and support for services, development of existing services, creation of new services and provision of tailor-made services).

The Company anonymizes the usage and transaction information that the User performs on the Program; It may store, process and communicate to business partners in the statistical evaluations, performance evaluations, marketing campaigns and donation campaigns of the Company and its business partners, annual reports and similar reports for the realization of these objectives.

The information requested by the Users who respond to the periodic or non-periodical surveys that can be arranged through the program and who are willing to process their personal information, can be used by the Company to direct marketing, statistical analysis and database.

The Company has the right to transfer data related to the above mentioned purposes to servers located anywhere in the world (the servers may belong to itself, its affiliates or subcontractors) outside the user’s country of residence.

It is possible to link to other sites and applications through the program, and does not bear any responsibility for the privacy practices and contents of the Company and its applications.

The Company may change the provisions of this Privacy Policy at any time by posting on the Site. The Company’s amendments to the Privacy Policy are effective on the date of publication on the Site.

Deleting an Account in the Application

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